Close out of Close outs! Hardware Store/Laundry Absolute Liquidation



May 21  9:30 am  Adams Hardware  400 Main St. 

New Windsor, IL 61465

Note special start time

This old-fashioned hardware store with tin ceilings & wood plank floors is filled with modern-day hardware & we’re here to sell it wall-to-wall. AND we’ll sell the laundromat contents as well. All equipment & displays to operate a business. We will be selling directly off of the floor displays and walls. Most merchandise is in multiple quantities & may be sold as such. This auction is on an absolute clearance basis & we’ve successfully assisted in selling the store. Separate loadout days available upon request. And don’t miss the collectibles.



COMMERCIAL/DISPLAY: Several 8’ Gondola shelving units apprx. 4’H x 8’L x 3’W, Gondola shelving end caps, Lzier stainless steel checkout counter w/ rolling merchandise belt/bagging area, plastic & glass displays, small wire displays, large plastic rotating display case, 4’x2’ plastic display table (filled w/ apprx. 75 lbs. of mixed bolts). Metal signs include: Oxiidizer, Inhalation Hazard, Non-Flammable, Gas, Flammable Gas, Corrosive, Dangerous, large EXIT sign, vintage metal rotating 5-tiered parts bin 50 bins filled w/ nails (very heavy), battery display rack, full 4-leg rack of commercial signage, full round display for dowel rods, plastic display w/ large & small signs, large stand full of key blanks, key rings on rack, 8’x3’ 2-level wood work table, old wood parts cabinet, OPEN signs, Reserved Parking sign, 8-tier open metal display rack 5’Hx4’W, 5’ 2-tiered glass display case.

LAUNDRY ROOM: All machines are coin operated & commercial grade. 2 pop machines, 8 Maytag washers, Whirlpool washer, SpeedQueen washer, 4 Whirlpool dryers, 3 Maytag dryers, doublestack Maytag dryers, & more. Candy machine, 2 detergent & soap wall-mount dispensers, 8’ x 30” folding table & 6 chairs.

EQUIPMENT/INVENTORY: 2 key cutter machines (one is KD50C), Hobart scale approved by state of IL, Sharp XE-A507 check out cash register machine, commercial paint mixers/shakers, 4’ slide bar glass/plastic/screen cutter, mini-Jazzy scooter, screen rolls, screen patches, glass plate inventory, boxes of plumbing repair parts, chain cutter & roller, Scotts lawn sweeper, shopping hand totes, Casio PCR-T273 electric calculator, Royal Sovereign Quick Sort change machine, office chair, chimney metal/aluminum piping, connectors/rolls, paints, enamels & stains.

Inventory of screws, bolts & hardware is apprx. 25,000-40,000. Estimating apprx 2 tons. Will be sold in bulk by size & type in metal or heavy plastic stackable bins.

SCREWS: Flat head socket, allen head set, socket head cap, Phillips flat wood, Phillips flat twin fast wood, coarse bugle drywall, galvanized deck, Phillips pan SMS, hex washer self-drilling, slotted round machine, wood & sheet metal, brass slotted round machine, zinc sheet metal, painted head sheet metal, nylon, brass machine.

BOLTS: Slotted flat machine, fine hex caps, carriage, thumb, nylon insert stop nuts, jam nuts, fine finished hex nuts, hex machine screw nuts, coarse finished screen nut, square nut, shook, wing nut, hex cap, socket set screw wrench, retaining ring, snap ring spiral pin, carriage screw, taper pin, hex head cap screw, metric M5 & M7 hex head, t-nuts, hex lag, zinc carriage, 1-way heads, zinc t-nut, slotted head concrete, round head toggle, hollow wall anchors, concrete stand anchor, hook n eye, machine screw anchor, gate hook n eye, lag expansion shield, Tinnerman, wing type pal nut, hex cap & screw, aluminum screw posts, mower handle, lawn mower wheel, grounding strap connector, metric castle nut, t-nut, metric hex cap screw, hex large, hex head cap, much, much more.

MISC. HARDWARE: Slotted hex washers, left hand thread nuts, rubber grommets, metric lock nuts, taper & split rivets, star lock washers, brass hex nuts, push nuts, handle nuts, studs, aluminum fasteners, machine bushings, finishing washers, flat washers, split back washers, carbon brushes, roll pins, universal clevis pins, brass cotter pins, cotter pins, hitch pins, e-clips, stainless finishing & fender washers, spring washers, hex nuts, split lock washers, rubber bushings, cord protectors, ribbed plastic anchors, sleeve anchors, strike anchors, flat washers, steel ball bearings, plastic screw protectors, acorn nuts, nylon insert stop nuts, Quick lock, portable air heater nozzle, bags of sand, safety glasses, sanding blocks, electric water heater thermostats, heating elements, dust masks, ear plugs, quartz heating element, sandpaper round & square sheets, box of large lag bolts, die-cast pullet in all sizes, packets of rivets, steel wool, collar bushings, furnace filters, binder section rivets, thousands of cotter pins, propane lamp, welding rod, hand scythe, small spade, chain cable lifts w/ hooks, floor broom heads, large rolls of hose, cross cut saw blade, limb pruner, air hose, Garden Claw, electric shrubber, hand tools for garden, ax & sledge handles, potato forks, ice busters, garden claws, flat shovels, bucket of dowel rods, metal file holders, marking flags, tarps, freon tank converters, fuses, grease zerks, grease guns, razor blades, safety scrapers, hook blades, gas can spouts, spray gun filters, air hold fitting sets, pressure gauge head, barrel pump, box of fuses, ball foot chuck, wiring adapters, plastic buckets, funnels, drain cocks, lube gun, box of USB servers, CD-R data, stereo A/V selector, box of misc. cabling/wiring, gas gauge heads, coax cables, corner guards, box of woodruff keys, trash bags, large inventory of carriage bolts, flat furniture mover, nickel mower blades, fishing tackle box, O-rings in box, roller chain, pressure cooker sealer rings, fluorescent bulbs, coil hoses, small line of t-shirts, coats, etc., light cords, misc. handles, furniture mover (pallet), pipe insulation wrap, bottle for hose, pair of furniture movers, NASCAR lighters, Duracell charge station, video Patrol.

PLUMBING: Apprx. 100 bins of PVC connectors, 148 compartments of brass & copper fittings, soft copper tubing in box, 32-unit storage cabinet of brass fittings, 12-unit cabinet of brass fittings, tubing cutters, copper pipe, nut breakers, tubing benders, rubber gaskets, PVC hose, 5’ sink, metal box of plumbing repair parts, lots of PVC fittings.

ENTERTAINMENT: VHS movies, CDs, JD fence toys, remote controls, .33 records, games inc. Pictionary, Life, Adverteasing, Crystal Climber, Monopoly, Cranium Thruster, Groove Move, Play NokOut, vintage LP collection.

HOUSEHOLD: Durmeyer kitchen mixer, approx. 50 sets of window blinds, Jandorf electrical kits, Braggs set-in sink, curtain rods, glassware, vases, Oriental figurines, planter base, dryer vent duct, giftwrap, plastic stack table, floor fans, Rival blender, Rival Cafetera, oscillating fans, Vicks warm steamer, immersion blender, 7-piece wine set, pair of boots, blow dryer, radio, dishes, shoes, pie plates, squirrel figurines, vac bags, pictures, ceramic ducks, malt cups, spoon rest, mugs, bells, clock, steins, dolls, bottles, candy dish, tray, picture frames, transverse rods, dust pans, mophead/dust head refills, Sweep Mates, toilet bowl brushes, sponge refills, broom/dust pans.

TOOLS: Henry Hanson Co. commercial display of tap & dies, chuck keys, drill bits, hex fractional dies, metric taps, hole saws, Hanson taps, extractor bits, vice grips, crescent wrench flex hones, grinding wheels for drills, hand riveter, wood bits, masonry bits, 1’ long bits, torque driver, steel brushes, 11-bin parts holder w/ bits, case of misc. bits, chain saw files, wood file handles, plate biscuits & rods, straight line chalk, chalk line reels, boxes of screwdrivers, gutter scoops, torch tips, ball peens, claw hammers, mini steel brushes, hex sets, offset screwdrivers, mini pick n’ hook set, hammer handles, scroll blades, grooved pliers, gluing clamps, painting towels, torch tip, staples, staple guns, jumbo aluminum hooks, snap ring pliers, crowbars, Sawzall blades, circular saw blades, sanding discs, cutting wheels, PVC cutter, hacksaw blades, knife sharpener, steel buffers, Torx sockets, breakaway knives, pocket levels, bandsaw blades, steel chisels, #2 Torx bits, molding scraper blades, rosin core solder, jig saw blades, rat tail files, c-clamps, pipe wrenches, Pittsburgh pliers, hex set, 4-way rasp, nut drivers, feeler gauges, chalk markers, concrete trowels, Irwin plastic clamps, bench grinding wheels, miter boxes, straight line tape rolls, 5-gal. bucket organizers, 6-piece punch sets, steel punches, flanged punches, carpenter pencils, stud sensor, plastic wrap, 5-pc. combination wrench sets, all sizes levels, bullseye level, measuring tape replacements, butt gauges, metal cutting blades, carbide blades, combination wrench, slotted screw drivers, American & metric combination wrenches, squares, forklift forearm straps, deep sockets, tow straps, swing back trailer jacks, hand ratchet winches, 10-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver, extracting knives, diagonal cutting pliers, cold chisels, pin punches, long-nosed pliers, quick-point knives, socket adapter & impact sockets, racks full of sockets, socket extensions, short screwdrivers, 3’ pipe cutter (hand), prock pinches, crescents wrenches, deep sockets, saw blades, box of 3/8” drive sockets, box of ½” drive sockets, sabre saw, Black & Decker rechargeable drill, electric cord, wood levels, old tins, draw knife, wood block planes, dowel rods, Steel Core snow shovel, garden hoes, WaterWay gutter outlets, garden hose, Xtend spray heads.

CAMPING/CAR/TRUCKING: Pioneer CDX-P1200 multi-CD player (auto), mesquite smoking chips, portable foldout grills, portable kettle grill, grill parts, grill corner, electric rotisseries for grills, grill scubbers, basters, grill s&p shakers, small propane bottle, 2” trailer ball hitch, trailer ball receiver, trailer wire convertors, oil filters, gasket material, windshield repair kit, battery tester, forma-gasket sealant, grease gun tubes, 6×9 car speakers, trailer electric hookup plugs, license plate shields, tire repair plugs, valve caps & extensions, wheel bolts, fuse holders, car cigarette lighters, auto LED bulbs, auto flashers, auto fuses, stick-on ashtray, tire gauge, battery terminal, tire valve tools, halogen bulbs, color caps, 100s of auto light bulbs, hex bolt covers, GM/AMC voltage regulators, windshield wipers, air filters, oil filter wrench, recoil starter spring, entire wall of CB accessories, truckers arm rests, box of plastic totes, Weed n’ Feed fertilizer, box of wire cabling/wiring, headlights, seat covers, air hose, bullet studs, trailer king pin lock, tv power cord, spot mirrors, orange flags, Oversize Load banner, antenna springs, 3-way 12v power sockets, CB mics, amber & red tail lights, alarms, nut covers, elastic strap tie-downs, trailer security seals, window clip tv antenna kits, spark plugs, safety controls, auto/truck/mower belts, license plate holders.

COLLECTIBLES: Button collection in vintage tin, sad iron, #8 sad iron, antique log roller, old washboard, old kerosene lamp, old pick axe, old horse collar, old flame heater, old bottle cappers, old paper punches, plastic Pepsi sign, Ball jar bird feeder, One-Minute vintage washer w/ ringer, coal bucket, McCormick whiskey jug, Coca-Cola tray.

LIQUIDS/CLEANERS: (Will be sold in lots of multiples). Driveway cleaner/degreaser, RV & marine anti-freeze, super stripper, Oxidizer, Bug Wash, squeegees, waterless wash-n-wax spray cans, silicone lubricants, seafoam, white lithium grease, PTFE dry lube, de-icer, wash sponges, cylinder lube, stop leak, A/C additive, radiator sealant, 10-minute radiator flush, spray tire dressing gel, engine cleaner, interior cleaner, instant traction spray, SP-400 corrosion inhibitor spray, car wash, graphite lube, car wax paste, fiberglass liquid hardener, anti-seizure lubes, Heet, 4-cycle oil, STP injector treatment, 30W oil, 40:1 weed eater oil, rearview mirror adhesive, honing oil, 2-cycle oil, carb cleaners, brake fluid, air tool oil, fuel equalizer, AW 32 fluid, Slick 50, gear thread cutting oil, gear lube, 3-in-1 lube, headlamp adjustable screws, W-16 fuel synthentic, transmission fluid, diesel fuel conditioner, toilet cleaner, Simple Green, bathroom cleaners, Murphys Oil Soap, Awesome Orange, furniture polish/creams, lampshade cleaners, Flash, Windex, X-14, All-Out, 409, Clorox bleach, floor cleaner, Comet, Ajax, hair clog remover, Goo Gone, Liquid Plumber, Pine Sol, pet stain odor remover, Lysol, dish detergent, furniture cream, Deet, Off, ScotchGuard, tri-sodium phosphate, sponges, fragrance sprays, moth balls, CLR, tarnish remover, tub n’ sink cleaner, 5-gallon buckets of elastic roof coating, glass cleaner, iron cleaner, counter top cleaner, pool cleaner, chrome cleaner, tree/shrub spray.

MOWER/CHAIN SAW: Mower parts inc. mufflers, throttle controls, spark plugs, lens repair kits, gas caps, air filters, battery filler, reducer bushings, blade adapters, lawn mower blades, rubber tires for mowers, plastic gas can, chain saw sharpening file.

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