April 10 & 24, 2021     2715 30th Street, Rock Island, IL

8:30 am doors open. 10 am auction. Off-street parking. Lunch available.

The Tri-City Jewish Center is relocating & liquidating inventory. This is an incredible absolute auction featuring 3,500 commercial & residential kitchen pieces, cookware, books, electronics, framed artwork, pianos, furniture, children’s desks & learning/rec toys, commercial bingo machine, lawn/garden.



Masks will be mandatory for entrance.


RESTAURANT/KITCHEN/COOKING: Masterware stainless hot service set (candles), dozens of beautiful serving trays, 3-tier service tray, 2-tier rd. cake trays, chafing dishes/lids, 1000+ juice, water, wine, brandy, champagne glasses, 100s of dessert cups, 14 coffee servers, 2-gal. juice tapper, 3-gal. ice tea tapper, 40+ water pitchers, 50+ ash trays, 50+ bread baskets, plastic ketchup/mustards, cutting boards, tongs, lg. plastic salad bowls, Tupperware cake holders/lids, lg. qty. plastic flour/sugar holders/lids, NSF molded plastic plates & trays, dish racks, service tray stands, dish rack carts on wheels, chair rack on wheels, thousands of pieces of plasticware, straws, foil sheets, wine toppers, napkin holders, meal trays, aprons, menu boards on stands, 4 plate holder carts, 25 SaniStack plastic glass holders on carts, 5 Lakeside stainless serving carts, 1,000+ pieces of Mayer china plates/cups/bowls/coffee cups on rolling racks (will part some out at auction), 500+ pcs of stainless silverware in carts, 7 circular coat racks, 8 faux fig trees, 12 linear coat racks, large Wear-Ever bulk cooking pans, 3 large flat cook pans, Leyse & Pareve covered cookpots (2-gal-15-gal), steamers, 4-pc stainless cooking set (NIB), canner, 12 misc. lg. cookware pcs, misc lids, dozens of plate covers, 50+ 1-qt-40qt mixing/cooking bowls, 20+ rectangular lg. cooking pans, 3 rd. lg. chafing pans, oblong chafer, 14+ glass casserole dishes, 20+ bundt & cake pans, 12+ muffin tins, cookie sheets, 40+ dirty dish tubs, tons of cutlery, can openers, peelers, whisks, spatulas, ladles, tongs, strainers, cookie cutters, measuring cups & spoons, ice cream scoops, pie servers, meat forks, meat beaters, pizza slicers, jello molds, cake plates, relish trays, starburst bowls, cream/syrup/sugar sets, FireKing dish set, 100+ dessert plates, flower vases, canning jars, votives, choppers, lotion pumps, Keurig single serve coffee maker, crockpots, electric knife, Super Shooter, lg coffee maker, toaster, Osterizer, KitchenAid lemon squeezer, 2 KitchenAid hand mixers, 2 KitchenAid tabletop mixers/accessories, Cuisinart Pro Custom II chopper, s&p’s.   

TABLES: 6 pine quarter rounds on roller rack, 8’x3’ table, 4’ round table w/ fold legs, 40+ 6’ & 8’ tables w/ fold-down legs, card tables, rd conference tables, 5 8’ wood tables.     

FURNITURE: 4 Hyman’s Furniture custom made 6’ sofas, 4-77” oak pews w/ cushions, 4-104” pews w/ cushion seats, wood lectern, reception desk on wheels, display & shelving racks, 50 folding chairs, frame & 12’ x 8’ sukkah pieces.

OFFICE: Sentry 1380 safe (reset combo), automatic paper folder, crank pencil sharpeners, stanchion ropes/stands, 20+ styles of office chairs, 4 maroon lounge chairs, 8 2-&4-drawer file cabinets, desk tray inserts, staplers, electric pencil sharpener, paper cutters, 6 elec. calculators, 2 credit card payment machines, lock boxes, Toshiba telephones, surge protector, calculator rolls, carrying cases for drop files, eraser boards, corkboards, tripod poster boards, Advance 28XD carpet cleaner, 6 office desks.

ELECTRONICS: Vintage overlay projector on rolling table (very cool piece), vintage Rheem Califone portable record player w/ speaker, vintage film projector w/ 100+ film reels (shorts) in canisters, vintage Apple IIe complete system, RCA video cassette & VHS recorder/player, film reels, slide carousels, Magnavox 4-head VHS/DVD player, Kodak 6440 digital camera & 6000 printer deck, projector screens w/ stands,  Panasonic 4-head VH player, Sylvania 20” color tv, Sansui 24” television, several sets of headphones, two HP screens & printers, KOGI computer screen, blank DVDs, mini speakers, GE cassette recorder.    

SOFT GOODS: T-shirts, boxes of tablecloth covers, napkins, linens, lace, doilies, etc.

MISC: Menorahs, shabbats, candlesticks/holders, gavels, playing cards, roulette wheel, commercial popcorn machine on cart, Capitol Presidential professional bingo game w/ manual/auto, game selector, timer, blower, mixer, huge wall flashboard, all bingo balls, bingo cage set, Rock-Ola juke box.


Sale conducted by David Aeschliman, Auctioneer, Owner of WalnutCreekAuctionCollege.

See pix & inventory @ auctionzip.come or walnutcreekauctioncollege.com, Auction Calendar.