3-Week Collectible Online Auction: Lapidary & Knives

3-Week Collectible Online Auction: Lapidary & Knives

See all details and bidding catalog with photos and descriptions to participate at proxibid.com and at auctionzip.com. 120 lots of museum-quality lapidary pieces inc. fossils, stones and ores. PLUS 25 collectible knives. Bidding starts November 9 and closes November 30. Open house details at auctionzip.com and proxibid.com. Terms and conditions re: shipping, pickup and insurance at proxibid.com.

Listing is below:

Lot1: Massive 6.8-lb. coral piece. Beautiful white rough coral.

Lot2: Very large 7.8-lb. purple fluorite from Illinois.

Lot3: Thulite on feldspar & mica. California. Apprx. 2-3 lbs.

Lot4: Smithsonian hemimorphite.Mexico. Apprx. 1.5 lbs.

Lot5: 2 large barite roses. Slaughterville, Oklahoma. Less than 1 lb.

Lot6: 11 barite roses. Slaughterville, Oklahoma. Apprx. 1 lb.

Lot7: Realgar orpiment. Mexico. A few ounces. Apprx. 3” tall & wide. Mtd. to styrofoam.

Lot8: 10 pieces garnets in rhyolite plus small bottle of granets. Nathrop, Colorado.

Lot9: Cold water agate with Millerite. 3 pieces. Ollie, Iowa. A pound+.

Lot10: 2 beautiful hand-blown glass paper weights. Sold together. Between 1 & 2 lbs.

Lot11: Golden calcite. Pugh Quarry, Ohio. Perhaps ½ lb.

Lot12: Collection of gray mini fossils. Arkansas. An ounce or two.

Lot13: Orange crinoid from Iowa quarry. Couple ounces.

Lot14: Several pieces petrified palm tree; two pieces crosscut, two pieces long cut. .Arizona.

Lot15: Raw copper. Heavy. 2 pieces. Michigan.

Lot16: Steatite. (aka Gray soapstone, talc) from Wisconsin & limestone from Cushman, Arkansas.

Lot17: 6 pieces of columnar petrified wood.

Lot18: Coldwater agate with Millerite. Ollie’s quarry. Keota, IA. Apprx. 1 lb for both pcs.

Lot19: Petrified coral & round slice of coral. 2 pieces.

Lot20: Smithsonian. 1” piece. Highly colored.

Lot21: Chalcedony. North of Oatman, AZ.

Lot22: Fossils including tribolite. S. Dakota.

Lot23: Three perfect starfish.

Lot24: Four sand dollars & a shell skeleton cutaway. (slice)

Lot25: Two pieces of lava. One from Hawaii and one from Mt. Shasta, CA.

Lot26: Low-grade uranium. Grants, NM.

Lot27: Mahogany rose granite from Snyder, OK and verde antique marble from Dragoon, NM.

Lot28: 4 fluorite oxyhedrons. Various colors.

Lot29: Tourmaline on quartz.

Lot30: Polished Apache tears & selenite glued to wood wall hanging. Framed. Burlap backdrop. Faux gold chain throughout.

Lot31: 2 pieces of lava. No origin noted.

Lot32: 20 pieces of polished & tumbled fluorescent sweetwater agate. WY.

Lot33: Large polished Brazilian agate.

Lot34: Green malachite lion & kitty & two brown tiger eye fish.

Lot35: 10 pieces of OCD geodes from Brazil.

Lot36: Calcite with sphalerite.

Lot37: Cornelian agates.

Lot38: 2 beautiful Brazilian cut/polished agates.

Lot39: 2 pieces of calcite with pyrite. Pints Quarry, Raymond, IA.

Lot40: Realgar and orpiment.

Lot41: 3 pieces of sea coral.

Lot42: Drusy quartz.

Lot43: Dolomite.

Lot44: Beautiful cut and polished gate.

Lot45: 4 pieces of biotite mica mined from Bancroft, OR.

Lot46: Calcite on prenite with native copper, MI.

Lot47: Benderite agate, Keswick, IA.

Lot48: Feldspar, Bancroft, Ontario.

Lot49: Schist, mica, quartz & garnet, Brazil.

Lot50: Actinolite, CO.

Lot51: Barite, MO.

Lot52: 2 pieces of crystal barite. Lamb Mine, MO.

Lot53: Yellow & purple fluorite, southern IL.

Lot54: Mica, muscovite. Tin Mountain, SD.

Lot55: Polyhedroids, Brazil.

Lot56: Calcite with small dog tooth, Pint’s Quarry, Raymond, IA.

Lot57: Hornblende, northern MI.

Lot58: Mica with quartz. Spruce Pine, NC.

Lot59: 1 bag of red (almandine) garnets, 1 bag of black (andralite) garnets. India & MT.

Lot60: Beautiful cut & polished brown Brazilian agate.

Lot61: Thunderegg agate with gray nodules of another mineral.

Lot62: Thadonite, Silverton, CO. Marked as such but no such rock is on internet. ????????????

Lot63: Calcite & galena. MO.

Lot64: 5 calcites; 2 whites, Flippin, AK, shiny marcasite, Collinson Mine, Milan, IL & 3 others.

Lot65: 3 pieces of copper ore, Kelly, NM.

Lot66: Aragonite. Mexico.

Lot67: Tourmaline, Sonora, Mexico.

Lot68: 8 pieces sliced Brazlian (transparent when backlit) agates.

Lot69: Pink barite & calcite on shale. Bussey, IA.

Lot70: Two small geodes.

Lot71: Two medium geodes.

Lot72: Calcite spears, Blanchard Springs, AR.

Lot73: Ooulite, Wamsutten or Wamsutter

Lot74: Brown calcite, Pint’s Quarry, Raymond, IA.

Lot75: 2 pieces black jade, WY.

Lot76: Calcite with millerite, Illinois.

Lot77: Fossil coral, Muscatine, IA.

Lot78: Agate, Lake Superior.

Lot79: Jade, Olive, WY.

Lot80: Rhodonite, CO.

Lot81: Creed amethyst, CO.

Lot82: Fluorite, s. IL.

Lot 83: 2 pieces turritella (petrified snails), Wamsutter, WY.

Lot84: Brachiopeda articulate echonoconchesia semis punctatus, ShepardPA.

Lot85: 2 pieces; 1 sandstone and 1 golden sandstone, Mtn. View & Blanchard Springs, AR.

Lot86: 5 pieces (2.5 whole) pieces of geode.

Lot 87: 2 very nice sliced, polished slabs of plume agate.

Lot88: Rosacite.

Lot89: 9 full & partial fossil teeth.

Lot90: 6 arrowheads & 1 (top ctr in pic) is petosky stone carved into arrowhead. 2 from Laguna, NM.

Lot91: Roundahedron calcite, Milan, IL & sm. calcite, Eagle Pitcher Mine, Shullsburg, WI.

Lot92: “Terlingua” calcite, colored by cinnabar. Brewster Mine, Terlingua, TX.

Lot93: Calcite, Kelly, NM.

Lot94: Calcite with millerite, Franklin, NJ.

Lot95: Actinolite, VT.

Lot96: Feldspar, micro, Laramie, WY.

Lot97: 12 ores, minerals, etc in boxed set from Arkansas Geological Commission. (All from AR).

Lot98: Nice Brazilian cut, polished agate.

Lot99: Chondrite meterorite brecciated L5, Tindorf, Algeria. (Comes with history document)

Lot100: Aurichalcite. Zaca, TX.

Lot101: Four soil secretions fossilized from Loess soils.

Lot102: Nice agate from Keswik Quarry, IA.

Lot103: Beautiful crystallized interior agate.

Lot104: Large fluorite mounted on square Styrofoam base. Mexico.

Lot105: Iceland spar calcite. (Lay on paper and see double images through it.)

Lot106: Dolomite (brown) on calcite. Very nice piece.

Lot107: Fern fossil from Dresden Lakes, Morris, IL and two bug fossils, Leslie, AR.

Lot108: 2 unique pieces quartz w/ interior & exterior growths.

Lot109: 4 pieces blue & purple dogtooth calcites.

Lot110: Carnelian red agate, Uruguay.

Lot111: Two dark quartz stones filled with tiny garnets.

Lot112: 2 pieces of hornblende, northern MI.

Lot113: 2 pieces of highly configured (one very delicate) quartz crytals. Hot Springs, AR.

Lot114: 2 pieces of petrified wood; the elongated slab is birch.

Lot115: Highly polished agate with lots of personality.

Lot116: Hemimorphite, Mapini, Durango, Mexico; aventurine, India; and wavelite, AR.

Lot117: Small block white marble, NC and pure, raw turquoise polished stone.

Lot118: Pipestone, Rice Lake, MN and 2 small pieces of brown and blue agate.

Lot119: Large, heavy volcanic breccia, Hatch, NM.

Lot120: 2 halves of beautiful polished brown and blue hued coconut agates.

Lot121: Six mini knives for one money. Small 1.5” pen point blade on white micarta handle, 1.5” clip point on shiny micarta handle, a 1.75” drop point & a 1.25” clip point blade on a poured micarta handle, a Colonial knife with a 2” very heavily honed clip point blade & a 125” drop point blade on a micarta handle (rough edges), a nicer Colonial knife with a 1.75” drop point blade & a 1.25” drop point blade on a jigged handle and finally a newer silver advertising sample knife with a 2.5” dagger blade on stainless handle. All come in a wood cigar box.

Lot122: NEW Franklin Mint Colt History. Commemorative knife acknowledging the official history of the Colt brand. Knife features a 3.5” clip point stainless blade. Very fancy gold etched handle with deep etching, Colt logo & inset of Colt horse logo. Backside of handle is black plastic. Fancy knife for show. In original soft case with COA & foam shipping box.

Lot123: NEW Hamilton Collection “Deliverance”. A fine collectible featuring an Indian on horseback 4-color picture on the handle, with a fancy headdress pewter inset. Blade is a 3” drop point lockback. Backside of blade inscribed with “Deliverance”. Comes with COA & velvet bag in cardboard holder.

Lot124: NEW Franklin Mint Stonewall Jackson. Commemorative knife with certificate of authenticity in original soft case packaging. Has a 3” blade with The Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia & dates inscribed on the stainless blade. Handle is silver nickel throughout with brass end plate & photo liners. Has Confederate flag & 4-color picture of General Jackson embedded in handle.  Mint mark embedded on opposite side. In original box as well.

Lot125: NEW Browning lockback. Has a 2.5” drop point & a 2.5” clip point blade. Solid silver nickel bolster, butt & liners. Ivory white handle. Very pretty & sharp classic quality. In original box.

Lot126: NEW Camillus lockback. Dappled wood handle from a terrific knife manufacturer. Has a 3” clip point, 2” drop point & 2” sheepsfoot blade.

Lot127: NEW Frost 35th Anniversary. Very fancy worm grooved wood handle with 35th Anniversary seal embedded. Silver nickel bolster & butt features the number 35. 2.25” elongated clip point has 35th anniversary emblem engraved. Also, 1.75” clip point & 1.75” drop point blades. Brass liners. Also has COA. Very pretty and rough Frost pocketknife. IN original box.

Lot128: NEW fixed blade Panther. A dark mahogany handle with three pin construction and brass finishes hold this sturdy gutting or carving knife. Blade is a fixed 5” with blood groove. 

Lot129: Beautiful handmade knife. This little 2.5” Coburn steel blade has a very slow drop on a clip point. It’s rock solid & made by an exceptional craftsman. Deer antler handle. Entire knife is 5”. Comes in lined leather fringed & jeweled sheath

Lot130: NEW Browning fixed blade knife. Finely ground and polished black wood handle with opal inlays hold a knife-length spine clear out to a 3.5” fixed blade. Comes in cardboard safety folder in original box. Accompanied by leather sheath.

Lot131: Older Imperial fixed blade knife. Grooved bone handle on heavy stainless steel butt features a used, but sharp, 4.75” carving knife with blood groove. Comes in well-worn engraved leather sheath with.

Lot132: A vintage fixed blade. A 3.75” fixed clip point blade is attached to a solid ground leather washer handle. Older & solid w/ silver nickel bolsters & finger guard. Comes in tooled leather sheath.

Lot133: NEW Frost Cutlery knife. A light strawberry bone handle holds a 3.25” clip point blade & a 3.25” pen knife blade. Very pretty knife.

Lot134: NEW lockback. A terrific 3.75” clip point lockback skinning/gutting knife on a new wood handle with 3-pin construction. Has silver nickel bolsters front & back.

Lot135: Vintage fixed blade. A terrific older skinning knife features a 4.75” clip point blade mounted to a ground leather washer handle. Silver nickel bolster. Rock solid knife in a dark brown leather sheath.

Lot136: NEW Frost Cutlery knife. A beautiful raw bone handle holds a 2.5” clip & a 2.75” pen point blade.

Lot137: Vintage Case XX 4” lockback clip point. Jigged walnut handle. A heavy performer in the field.

Lot138: Large vintage lockback. Some great knives are made in Pakistan & here’s one. A huge 5” heavy clip point blade is clearly made for skinning & gutting. Sits in a wood 5-pin handle with brass bolsters front & back. Comes in a black leather belt-loop sheath.

Lot139: NEW in the box Schrade knife. A beautiful deep cherry jigged bone handle hosts a 3” clip point blade & a 3+” pen point blade. Owning this knife is like the Prom Queen saying yes to your first date invitation.

Lot140: Hitler Youth Knife. This historic knife bears the words “Blut und here” (Blood and Honor) on its stainless steel 6.25” dagger blade. The German swastika is in color on the crosscut blade. Deep fore quillion to prevent slipping. All German youth in Hitler’s Army were issued one of these. Bears the logo of RZM Serial#M3/38. Comes with leather-attached, snap-shut, belt loop steel scabbard.

Lot141: Three mini knives for one money. No brand names. Knife 1 has a 1.5” clip point in a mica finish handle, knife 2 is the same & knife 3 has a 1.5” & a 1” pen point blades.

Lot142: NEW Schrade “Uncle Henry”. A beautiful raw bone handle holds a 3” clip point & a 3” pen point blade. A great new knife.  

Lot143: NEW Jaguar lockback. A nice clean knife with a simple 3” clip point blade. Clean lines w/ its silver nickel alloy bolsters & ribbed grip rubber handle. In original box.

Lot144: NEW Victorinox Swiss knife. Traditional Swiss tool knife features 1.5” pen knife blade, mini scissors & nail file on a key chain. All in original gift box.

Lot145: LOT 83: Nice used, but nearly new, 3-blade. No brand name but a nice knife. Has a rosewood handle with large 3-pin construction & holds a 2.25” drop point, a 3” clip point & a 2” pen point blade. Pretty solid knife w/ looks.